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Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi

1. Indian Accent

Chef Manish Mehrotra's inventive fusion menu features items like blue cheese naan and chicken tikka meatballs, literally accenting Indian cuisine with cosmopolitan flavours. The restaurant has outlets in London and New York in addition to the exclusive Lodhi Hotel. The chef's six-course tasting menu is highly recommended; each meal is matched with a different wine list.


2. Karim's

Located in Old Delhi, Karim's is a famous spot for juicy kebabs and other North Indian dishes. The possibly greatest Mughlai food in the world is served at this famous restaurant, which first opened in 1913. Even the journey to get here through the Old Delhi's winding lanes is famous. A short distance from Jama Masjid, the restaurant's original construction has historical significance. The renowned mutton bara and brain curry should not be missed.


3. The Leela Palace -

This luxurious hotel has several fine dining options, including Jamavar, which serves authentic Indian food, and The Qube, which offers global cuisine. A five-star luxury hotel called The Leela Palace Delhi is situated in the centre of the city. A number of fine dining options are available at the hotel, including the Michelin-starred Jamavar, which serves authentic Indian food, and The Qube, which serves a variety of international cuisines. There is an outdoor pool, fitness centre, and spa at the hotel.


4. Bukhara -

Located in the ITC Maurya hotel, Bukhara is known for its tandoori dishes and has been awarded two Michelin stars.Without a doubt, the best place to eat truly authentic Indian food is in Bukhara. Along with the slow-cooked dal bukhara, the restaurant's signature (and enormous) hot naans and malai kebabs will take your palate on a delightful journey. In the earthy, rustic surroundings, eating with your hands is also encouraged. Make a reservation right away.


5. Ploof -

This modern Indian restaurant has a chic atmosphere and serves a variety of dishes inspired by regional Indian cuisine. Delhi is home to the contemporary Indian restaurant Ploof. It offers a variety of dishes that are influenced by regional Indian cuisine in a stylish setting. Ploof has something to satisfy every appetite, whether you're in the mood for a filling entrée or a quick snack.


6. Varq -

Varq is a fine dining restaurant located in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi. It is known for its modern Indian cuisine and has been awarded a Michelin star. The restaurant's elegant atmosphere and innovative dishes make it the perfect spot for a special occasion or a romantic dinner.


7. The Yellow Chilli -

Sanjeev Kapoor, a well-known chef, established the restaurant chain The Yellow Chilli. It has a number of locations in Delhi and is renowned for its delectable Indian dishes with a contemporary twist. The eatery has a fun atmosphere and is a great place to gather with friends or family for a casual meal. From traditional tandoori chicken to more creative dishes, the menu offers a variety of choices. The Yellow Chilli will satisfy your cravings whether you prefer the classic Indian flavours or want to try something new.


8. Saffron -

A fine dining establishment called Saffron is situated in Delhi's Shangri-La hotel. It is renowned for its authentic Indian food with an emphasis on local delicacies. The restaurant is the ideal location for a special occasion or a romantic dinner due to its elegant ambiance and first-rate service. The menu offers a variety of dishes, from delicate and fragrant rice dishes to rich and flavorful curries. Saffron is sure to impress whether you enjoy traditional Indian flavours or are looking to try something new.


9. The Great Kabab Factory -

Delhi's The Great Kabab Factory restaurant chain is well-known for its mouthwatering kababs. It is a great place for a relaxed meal with friends or family and has several locations throughout the city. There are numerous kabab options on the menu, all of which are prepared with premium ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection. The Great Kabab Factory has a variety of kababs for every kabab lover, whether they are in the mood for flavorful lamb kababs or juicy chicken kababs.


10. The Masala Library -

The Masala Library is an upscale Delhi restaurant serving modern Indian cuisine with a focus on molecular gastronomy techniques. The chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant makes it ideal for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. The menu includes a variety of dishes, all of which are beautifully presented and bursting with flavour. The Masala Library is sure to impress, whether you're a fan of traditional Indian flavours or looking to try something new and innovative.


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